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Nutrivo is one of the purest form of milk, having all the nutrition levels and quality standards that are required to give your day an energetic start. Our milk is pasteurized in our state-of-the-art production facility where all bacteria and pathogens are removed but we ensure that every layer of healthy fats and nutrition dissolves uniformly throughout every single drop. This is the reason you feel same delicious creamy and pure milk until your last sip.

At Cakes & Bakes, we believe in transferring natural and organic values in our products that is why Nutrivo contains more than 4% healthy fats and 8.5% of SNF Our milk has almost 12% of total Solids that adds up in the nutritive value of milk.

Nutrivo is free from any harmful and unhealthy chemicals that destroys the essence of purity. We believe in freshness that is why our raw milk is sourced from controlled farms where animals are tested to highest health mark. We make sure that every ingredient is extracted from organic sources meeting all the quality measure so that we can bottle only delicious, nutrient rich, ultra filtered milk to fuel you and your family.