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Zeera Fingers - Puff Sticks

  • Zeera Fingers, also known as Pocky sticks, offer a tasty blend of crispy goodness and aromatic cumin flavor.
  • Elevate your snacking experience with Zeera Fingers, the ultimate combination of savory cumin and satisfying crunch.
  • Snack that brings together the beloved concept of Pocky sticks and the rich taste of cumin.
  • Treat yourself to the irresistible Zeera Fingers, an innovative take on the popular Pocky sticks with a dash of aromatic cumin.

Weight in Kilos

400 g

Rs: 600 - Rs: 1500


Delightful world of Zeera Fingers, the perfect treat for your taste buds! These scrumptious snacks bring a unique twist to the classic concept of Pocky sticks. Zeera Fingers are a flavorful blend of crispy sticks generously coated with a rich layer of zeera (cumin) seasoning, creating an irresistible combination of crunch and spice. Whether you're a snack enthusiast or just looking for a delicious munch, Zeera Fingers promise a satisfying experience that will leave you reaching for more. Elevate your snack game with these savory delights that cater to your craving for both crunch and flavor. Zeera Fingers redefine snacking with their unique blend of crunchy Pocky sticks and the aromatic charm of cumin. Try Cakes and Bakes Zeera Fingers, Sweet Fingers, Plain Fingers today and embark on a tasty journey that's sure to become your new favorite snack!

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