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Springs water

  • Dive into pure taste of Springs Water, a refreshing choice brought to you by Cakes and Bakes for ultimate hydration satisfaction.

  • Discover the goodness of nature in every drop with our Springs Water enriched with the hydrating benefits of coconut water, providing a delicious twist to your hydration routine.

  • Experience convenience with our Springs Water smart water bottle, designed to keep you hydrated on the go with a blend of functionality and style.

  • The highest quality in every sip, offering Springs Water sourced from pristine springs and carefully curated to meet the standards of pure refreshment.


Volume in Liters


Rs: 45 - Rs: 70


Quench your thirst with the pure goodness of Springs Water, brought to you by Cakes and Bakes! Our Springs Water is not just a source of hydration; it's a refreshing experience that revitalizes your senses. Sourced from pristine springs, this drinking water undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure purity and taste. Cakes and Bakes is committed to providing you with the finest drinking water that meets the highest standards. Stay hydrated with Springs Water, the choice that reflects quality and care. Elevate your drinking experience with Cakes and Bakes – where every sip is a sip of pure refreshment.

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