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Nestle Nesfruta

  • Experience a burst of flavour with the Nestle Nesfruta Bundle at Cakes and Bakes, offering a delightful combination of Nesfruta juices, Nestle Cream, and Nestle Milk Powder.
  • Elevate your beverages with Nestle Cream from the Nesfruta Bundle, ensuring a creamy and luxurious touch to your favourite fruity drinks.
  • The Nesfruta Bundle at Cakes and Bakes brings versatility to your beverage crafting by including Nestle Milk Powder, enhancing the richness of your creations.
  • Whether you're making smoothies, mocktails, or inventive recipes, the Nesfruta Bundle provides all the essentials, including Nestle Cream and Nestle Milk Powder, to unleash your culinary creativity.
  • Curated with care, the Nesfruta Bundle ingredients include absolute fruit goodness, Nestle Cream, and Nestle Milk Powder, ensuring a delightful and satisfying beverage experience at Cakes and Bakes.



Rs: 330 - Rs: 330


Elevate your beverage experience with the Nestle Nesfruta Bundle at Cakes and Bakes. This special bundle includes vibrant and refreshing Nesfruta juices and Nestle Cream, adding a creamy and luxurious twist to your favorite fruity blends. At Cakes and Bakes, we take pride in offering you a comprehensive Nesfruta bundle that combines the goodness of Nesfruta juices with the decadent indulgence of Nestle Cream.

Whether crafting delicious smoothie mocktails or experimenting with creative recipes, this bundle is your go-to solution for adding a delightful touch to your beverages. Unleash your creativity with the Nestle Nesfruta Bundle from Cakes and Bakes, where quality meets variety in every bundle.

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