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Chicken Samosa

  • Chicken samosas are delicious, savory pastries that are popular in many cuisines around the world.
  • These crispy triangular parcels are filled with a flavorful mixture of minced chicken, aromatic spices, and sometimes vegetables.
  • The combination of tender chicken, onions, garlic, ginger, and a blend of spices gives chicken samosas a mouthwatering taste.
  • They can be enjoyed with various dipping sauces, like mint chutney or tamarind sauce, to enhance their taste.



Rs: 60 - Rs: 60


Chicken samosas from Cakes and Bakes are a true delight for anyone who appreciates the culinary art of crafting exquisite pastries. These delectable treats offer a perfect fusion of textures and flavors, with a crispy golden-brown crust that gives way to a mouthwatering filling of minced chicken, aromatic spices, and perhaps a hint of vegetables. The skilled hands at Cakes and Bakes ensure that each samosa and frozen chicken samosa is a work of culinary perfection, delivering a satisfying crunch on the outside and a burst of savory goodness inside. Whether you're enjoying them as an appetizer, a snack, or a quick street food indulgence, these chicken samosas are a testament to the skill and expertise that goes into creating exceptional pastries, making Cakes and Bakes a sought-after destination for food enthusiasts seeking a culinary adventure. So, must try the delicious chicken samosa of cakes and Bakes!


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